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Licensed Motorcycle Dealer Ormiston, Brisbane

Cafe Racer Shop is a local used motorcyle dealer located in Ormiston, on Brisbane's Bayside.

All of our used motorcycles and scooters are sold with clear title and have been checked to make sure they meet our standards. 

Unless stated otherwise our used motorcycles and scooters come with registration and roadworthy certificates included in the price.

If you don't see a bike you like here, then let us know, our buying service can locate a your next bike at the price you want to pay!

Sell Your Bike Here

We also buy used bikes and scooters too - contact us for more information.

The benefits of selling your bike to a Licenced Motor Dealer are;

You don't need to get a roadworthy certificate.

You don't get all sorts of strangers coming to your home

You don't get harassed by time wasters.

You don't need to do any repairs to sell it - we're interested in your bike, running or not

You don't need to worry about it getting stolen on a test ride.

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