Sol Invictus Motorcycle Co.

Sol Invictus (Victorious Sun) is an Australian motorcycle brand that celebrates the diversity of the journey on two wheels. Our roots are authentic and our philosophy is simple - Love the journey.

The introduction of the 250cc Mercury sees our entry into large scale motorcycle design, production and distribution. A modern incarnation of the classic café racer, the Mercury fuses vintage styling with 21st century engineering. Born from the desire to create a perfectly styled yet attainable bike, our entire product range shares this passion and attention to detail.
Roaring onto Australian roads from June 2016 comes the Nemesis 400 - together with the Warbird 400 part of the new XY400 range from Elstar and Sol Invictus. Powered by a torquey 400cc OHC 4-valve single cylinder engine, the Nemesis punches out 26 HP at 7,500rpm.
Combining vintage styling and modern engineering, the Nemesis is easy to ride and comfortable over long distances, making it the ideal bike for both urban commuters and recreational riders alike.

The Nemesis is not simply an engine upgrade for the Mercury, but rather an entirely new motorcycle, built from the ground up to house the powerful 400cc engine. 

We continue to partner with bike builders, engineers, artists and designers to develop and create products that function as well as they look.

Whether it’s around town, to the beach, or the café – get there loving the journey.