Huh, Sorry, what did they want you to do?

Author: David Kempson  Date Posted:4 June 2017 

We have been getting more people coming in and asking about what we can do for them with regards to their bike build. Recently though I've had a few people say to me that the last place they went to said I have to do it their way!

Now I might be wrong but I think that the way we do it is a better way. We work with you to build the bike you want the way you wanted it to be. I always say to customers that it's your money and your bike, you tell us what you want. Of course from time to time we'll offer up advice that may contradict what the original idea is - but the difference is that if you say NO, I WANT A COFFEE MAKER ON MY BIKE then so be it, a coffee maker it is! We recommend that you have a look on Google, Bing or where ever or what ever you get your inspirations from. The more input you can give us the better it is. On that matter we don't subscribe to the All Or Nothing approach to working on other peoples bikes I don't believe that's how it's done. If some one brings in a bike for us to do one part of their project then I'm happy to do that one bit and be proud of the contribution I've made.

We don't need the name of our shop emblazoned across the side of the fuel tank on your bike! 

And not just because "The Cafe Racer Shop" won't fit on most fuel tanks.

While I'm at it, the other thing that I have noticed on social media is a trend where it seems acceptable to publicy denegrate someones choice of motorcycle, whether it be by brand, model or even the capacity.

Things like "OMG you bought a YAMZUKI RX650!!! What a POS! Why didn't you get a Kamakazie GT900??" Well maybe they could only get a Yamzuki, maybe they are on a restricted licence. or just maybe THEY LIKE THE BIKE THEY BOUGHT!!!. 

I guess what I'm saying is be proud of what you have, it doesn't need to be the fastest, newest, trendiest bike out there. It's yours and make the most of it. Don't be conned into making it something that "the guy in the shop" wants or demands. 

Don't feel bad that some clown on a phone or computer that you have never met says he doesn't like your choice of motorcycle - the odds are he doen't even have a bike. Remember the original essence of a Cafe Racer is making the best bike you can out of what you have and what you can afford.

Like the old Fleetwood Mac song says - "Go your own way" and if we can help with that, even in a small way then I'll take that, fuel tank stickers or not......

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