Just because it sparkles doesn't mean it's a Diamond......

Author: The Cafe Racer Shop  Date Posted:25 April 2017 

This applies to many things but the topic of this is of course a Motorcycle. A Honda XL250 to be precise.

A young fellow bought this critter in as it didn't have any indicators that worked. After a quick look I found that just about nothing electical worked. Now the thing is that this bike had been purchased with a roadworthy and rego. It had been modded to be a brat style bike, complete with ratty paint finish, cool seat and frame modification to suit. Nice powder coated wheels with period style Dunlop K81 tyres. It looked like the whole deal, mesh head light cover, reverse cone muffler, single speedo, truncated rear; an ideal first bike.

Basically it's a nicer bike to look out of, than into...

Now it's poor form to criticise other peoples work but whoever did the wiring on this thing needs to go back to working with Lego and leave the motorcycles to the grown ups.

Some of the horrors hidden beneath the patina were two 6 volt to 12 volt step up converters -- these little handgrenades do (or are supposed to do) as the name suggests, produce 12 volts from a 6 volt source. In effect this poor little Hiroshima Screamer has one 6 volt circuit and two 12 volt circuits! The 6 volt supply runs the ignition system, head light and horn. One of the 12 volt circuits runs the indicators and stop light, the other is the power supply for the LED back lit speedo. WHAT THE ?????

Once I worked out which wires has 6 or 12 volts - the supplied wiring diagram didn't quite match the re-manufactured wiring loom. Yep that's right, it has a brand new wiring loom in it that was made by a company who make wiring looms for trucks and mining equipment... Not that there is anything wrong with that, but the insulation / conduit that bound all of this together was as flexible as a tax accountant. This meant the loom went where it wanted to go, not where it needed to go. 

But back to the indicators not working. Issue number 1. One of the step up converters had erupted in a cloud of smoke. Issue 2 was that the bike should have a 3 pin flasher not a 2 pin as fitted. Issue 3 was the left was plugged into the right. Easy fix (sort of) plugged them in the right way around, fitted a 3 pin relay and cut out the wiring that was joined together to supply the dash light. Ran the dash light wiring to the flasher relay like it should have. In addition to this the headlight plug was melted and the headlight switch, neutral switch and indicator switched are all not working or dying a slow death.

There's more but I'm sure you get the idea that all was not well with the electrics.

So what's the morale of the story - well I guess that don't be fooled by how something looks, or more precisely if the vendor says "yeah, nah mate it must be a blown fuse that's why the blinkers don't work", get it checked out before you hand over your hard earned cash. 

I suppose that now is a good time to say we do Pre-purchase inspections for $110.00. A small investment considering the price to sort the XL was nearly 50% of the purchase price!!!

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