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Author: David  Date Posted:12 November 2015 

Some comments from me on what's doing here and around us.

So - we here in our shop and have been so for a few months now. Still working some signage and fit out, but all good things come to those who wait. 

Workshop wise we have a Virago 535 here that were finishing off as a bobber. Been a slow task as I've had to work out chopped and melted wiring, butchered frame work and some dodgy mechanical work. Should be a good ol' thing when it's done.

On a different note we are now a Skyteam Motorcycles dealer. For those of you who don't know Skyteam make various small capacity bikes including the ACE which is a re-boot of the old Honda Dream racer from the late 50's / 60's. They have been pretty popular, but have been let down by a lack of proper dealers. We are aiming to provide Sales, Service and Parts back up for the current bikes that are out there as well as selling some more!

We are getting more and more regulars coming and and more people coming to see what we have and what we do, which is great to see! 

As we grow we're looking to have more stock of more and different items so if there is something that you think is needed let me know and I'll see what we can do. The weak Aussie dollar is hurting people like us who have to import a lot of stuff as there is very little manufacturing left in Australia - and what there is left are generally flat out or seemingly not interested in small jobs. Pity as I'm always looking to get stuff done locally - support local jobs etc.

It's great to see lots of guys building and modifying their own bikes, although it is a bit of a downer when you get some of the self appointed guru's bag out a guy who has done what he can with what he's got. You know you don't need a mega budget to build a Cafe Racer - you got to remember the original essence of the Cafe Racers back in the day was building / modifying the bikes they had with little or no money. Hence why Triumph engines found their way into Norton frames, guards were removed and anything that wasn't going to make the bike faster was tossed. If they were lucky they may have got a coat of what ever paint was laying around to freshen up the apprearance. Done on the cheap as back in the day the Lads didn't have a lot of cash to spend.

Maybe the big dollar builds are the ones doing it wrong?

Thanks for the read - as always if you have a comment I'm keen to hear what you have to say. We don't delete comments, we are grown ups and can cop what people have to say!

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