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Date Posted: 6 July 2018  

The team at Cafe Racer Shop certainly have a passion for Cafe Racers, but they're able to help you with any mechanical repairs on your motorcyle, no matter what make & model.  Conveniently located in Ormiston, Cafe Racer Shop has built a following of loyal clients from all over, including many customer coming from Capalaba.

There is certainly an array of choices in the Capalaba area for motorcycle mechanics & servicing.  Howeve...

Author: David Kempson   Date Posted: 4 June 2017  

We have been getting more people coming in and asking about what we can do for them with regards to their bike build. Recently though I've had a few people say to me that the last place they went to said I have to do it their way!

Now I might be wrong but I think that the way we do it is a better way. We work with you to build the bike you want the way you wanted it to be. I always say to customers that it's your money and your bike, you tell us what you want. Of course from time to time we'll offer up advice that may contradict what the original idea is - but the difference is that if you say NO, I WANT A COFFEE MAKER ON MY BIKE then so be it, a...

Author: The Cafe Racer Shop   Date Posted: 25 April 2017  

This applies to many things but the topic of this is of course a Motorcycle. A Honda XL250 to be precise.

A young fellow bought this critter in as it didn't have any indicators that worked. After a quick look I found that just about nothing electical worked. Now the thing is that this bike had been purchased with a roadworthy and rego. It had been modded to be a brat style bike, complete with ratty paint finish, cool seat and frame modification to suit. Nice powder coated wheels with period style Dunlop K81 tyres. It looked like the whole deal, mesh head light cover, reverse cone muffler, single speedo, truncated rear; an ideal first bike.

Basically it's a nicer bike t...

Author: David Kempson  

OK- welcome to our new website!


It has been a long time coming and has been time consuming but it is all go from here.

The new site has more functionality and has nice features like being able to choose your delivery method slow mail or express. Also we have parts that have different colours or features, that can now be chosen as part of the site.

We are always looking to expand our variety so if are looking for something or even if you are a supplier / importer / shed hero who has something that we can stock please let us know.


Author: David   Date Posted: 12 November 2015  

So - we here in our shop and have been so for a few months now. Still working some signage and fit out, but all good things come to those who wait. 

Workshop wise we have a Virago 535 here that were finishing off as a bobber. Been a slow task as I've had to work out chopped and melted wiring, butchered frame work and some dodgy mechanical work. Should be a good ol' thing when it's done.

On a different note we are now a Skyteam Motorcycles dealer. For those of you who don't know Skyteam make various small capacity bikes including the ACE which is a re-boot of the old Honda Dream racer from the late 50's / 60's. They have been pretty popular, but have been...