The Cafe Racer Shop

Author: David  

Thanks for visiting our website and wanting to know more about us!

The Cafe Racer Shop was started by David and Petrina Kempson back in 2011. It spawned from a few different things, one was a passion for old bikes, two was based on not having any money to buy old bikes and three was a need to get away from working for the "man".

Over the years I started with an old postie bike that my father bought home from his work. They had used it to run around the steel and dispatch yard where he worked. The main issue with the postie is that it had been backed over by a semi- trailer loaded with reinforcing steel. After much tinkering ( I was about 14 then) I got it to start. After much hammering I got it sort of straight. It seemed to turn left better that it turned right though. After crashing it in front of my mother the postie got moved on.

I did an Apprenticeship as a Motor Mechanic - so cars were the thing for a while, but I always had some sort of bike in the background.

As the years went by a procession of different bikes came and went, XL350's, a couple of CX500's, CB750 & 900's I felt it was time to buy a new bike. Main issue there was no money. Hence the second part of the story. It was deemed that I could buy a new bike as long as it had no effect on the family budget. So after much thinking we started buying and selling various parts on eBay.

Since then we have grown to have a website and online store as well attending as many shows and swap meets as we can. If your reading this then we have been successful in launching our new website. As the business has grown, we now have a "bricks and mortar" store at Ormiston.

The Cafe Racer Shop stocks a wide range of ProGrip grips, goggles and gear, RHK parts as well as helmets, gloves and t shirts.

All of our products are tested here by us before they are sold and come with a 12 month unlimited kilometre warranty.

We are also interested in what you have as well! If you have old parts or bikes you want to get rid of - let us know and we'll have a look and make an offer!

Looking after our customers is a big part of how we do things - so let us know if we can do things any better, or if something is not right. We can't fix it if we don't know what's wrong.